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Well back again and better then ever
White Draco
eshtarkolan wrote in dracoreptilian
man I guess I have a habit of leaving for a long time. I am back once again still researching but, now, better then ever. Has anyone had any experiances as of late?

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Someone should IM me

not much on my end. But glad you are back. My friend did post new things.

Hello, I am Anu...if you want to know more about Reptilians I suggest you read my page.

Wow, where does one begin when they end up here? Not many entries. I don't think there's too many of us, and those that are here doing any "lightwork" on this planet have incarnated into a something like a witness protection program, I suspect. I am not ready to disclose to anyone close to me what I've come to realize over many years. It's so unglamorous and sounds crazy. Those Pleiadians, Arcturians and Neburans seem to have the spotlight and favor among those awake & aware of our not-alone-in-the-universe status here on Earth. That's fine, but I'm tiring of the isolation. I've remembered little except for glimpses & suspicion that the world where I last come from was filled with similar ignorance, hostility and war until only the cooperative survived and evolved over many generations. We finally have a garden paradise on our world--I don't know how to say its name with the communication we use here.

I remember when the call for help came from the collective life of Earth. I decided to go not remembering well enough the horrors that may have prevented my going. My people retained remnants of the warrior's attitude, however, and that along with reverence for life, gained after eons of hard lessons seemed to trump any reticense.

I knew there was something different about me throughout my life here like many starseeds. Through a number of synchronistic events I learned the art & science of nursing, worked as a hospital and prison nurse for some time, now find myself in public health. Our world is at the brink of drastic change I bet many of us feel is quite overdue. But here we are on the internet, brainstorming, so I don't complain much. I've joined a number of esoteric and starseed/lightworker groups and have not resonated so well. Perhaps I am primitive. I don't encourage wallowing in rage or depression, but this so-called civilization has repressed too much trauma in the name of false politeness. I feel like more embracing of some realistic coping skills may help further the deeper healing this planet needs. She's on life support right now. Many worlds have come to help in myriad ways. We have a fairly virulent problem, some experiment in parasitic life, "the duality project" of which I'm relieved the local universe is finally tiring. The time to nix it has come. We've learned enough of sadomasochism, but sadly so many on this planet appear to want a few more thousand years of suffering. Stockholm syndrome on a large scale.

I don't know if there's anyone still here, but I'm trying to regain my soul memories and thought some fellowship with others of evolved draco-reptilian heritage might help. I can only imagine others are waking up and remembering some things, and they may end up here. To you I extend my strength and hopefully a common desire to return this place and its inhabitants to a place lush with vegetation, harmony & sanity.


Embracing my inner lizard.

We can thank David Icke for all of this reptiliphobia. I want to create a Facebook group for reptilian starseeds to help counter all of this bigoted Pleiadian bias.
Please contact me.

Re: Embracing my inner lizard.

Heya, I'm new to the LJ community and I'm very interested in Ufology generally. I'm glad to see someone into the hybrid subject who hates David Icke. I don't feel connected to your end of things but I confess to having really mixed feeling with regards to greys and mantids. How do I verify if this is from heritage or contact? I can't afford to visit a regression therapist.

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