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reptileinside wrote in dracoreptilian
How did you all discover about your reptilian ancestry? I would like to share my story.

SInce I was 2, I was obsessed with dinosaurs, reptiles, snakes, anything slightly reptilian I adored more than anything.

I was born september 25 1991, in north carolina. LIved in a trailer in the middle of country land with horses a farm and my earth mother and father. They were so confused when they saw me catching snakes, lizards and keeping tons of them in a little cinderblock "zoo" that i built when i was 4. I had millions of dinosaur toys and snakes, GODZILLA!!!( godzilla was my extreme obsession, along with dragons). If somebody wanted to get me a birthday present, it better be a reptile of some sort, or nathan wouldnt really want it. Heres an intresting storyf.

My mother was born prematurly. Her father(my grandpa) was pure blackffoot indian. He tried to kill my mom tons of times while she was in my grandmas womb.But she surivied but was born with NO female sex organs. empty from belly down. She could fit in the plam of a 4th grader. She met my father and had sex both beliving they would never have kids. Then, I was born 9-25-1991 at 11:15 am. I was born backwards feet first. My mother has told me many times that I was born staring around eyes wide open, with big cerulean/blue eyes with blonde hair, which suprised her. When I was 3 my mother tells me I was at a party with a bunch of people and they asked me what I wanted to dof. She said I said " To fix broken Hearts".  I have tons of pet reptiles. Burmese python savannah monitor, nile monitor, ball python, bearded dragon, red tail boa, and others. I get picked on by my friends for constantly talking to them, carrying them around. I was known as "REPTILE BOY" in middle school. In 3rd grade everyone called me "Little steve irwin". On my 16th birthday I went through dramatic changes. I started on a path of debunking everything that I had everywondered. Before I had ever heard of Reptilians, I had images of reptilian faces close to my face and started to belive i was a reptile inside. I told NOONE of this, sooo scared of ridicule. I have went through so much since then....and here I am. I hope tp hear from some of you. This is the first time I have ever shared this story with anyone outside of my two closet friends, but everybody says I have reptie like features even if they know nothing of my history. I dont want to brag because I am a very introspective person and most of the time keep to myself, but i am retardly strong. Ask anybody who knows me they will testafiy to that. I weigh 136 but i bench 296. I played football for highschool and was a Running back. My balance on my feet while running was something my coach said hed never seen. My friend ben is 6 foot 2 267 and i run him over. But, I never never never boast I always make people at first think I am weak.

I have an iq of 147, always been considerd a smarty pants to the extreme level, picked on about that to.

Well I think thats enough. If anyone wants to get to know me message me You can add me on myspace hell come over to my house and chill around Im just that kinda guy.

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Well you sound reptilian but only you can know the answer to that. No one can really tell you. But all in all a great history well not great about some of it but you know what I mean. Alot of us just know or are born the way we are. Its much hard to explain.

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