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back again and still alive
White Draco
eshtarkolan wrote in dracoreptilian
Well I am still alive. And the road was long but now a new chapter is givin. I met a new friend Who also is acepting of reptilians. And lol dislikes Peggy Kanes claims. Everything is way to long to type at this time but am glad to be back. Now how to get more members.

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I am a reptilian starseed. If you wish to communicate Im up for it

I am the only one i have ever met or seen in real life
so its quite lonley
But i have always had pet reptiles to keep me sane

I would love to talk to you. Thank you for the offer. If you want my add please ask.


Can i add you to my buddies list?

I could not send you any messages, this fuction ist disabled on your profile.

Greetings from me.

I am not sure why. And sorry I did not reply sooner internet was down for sometime. Sure you can add me.

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