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For us to speak, unite, and show we are not as bad as others think.

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Galactic Racisim
White Draco
eshtarkolan wrote in dracoreptilian
Yes this is in my journal to but I do feel it is a major point to be made and said.

I have seen more and more of this racisim for a while now. Icke fans
are much worse and less accepting then they were motnhs ago. BUT I met
some real good Light People yesterday who like me do to exclude the
Dark and beleive in balance. I have a good and a bit funny saying from
one of em. "I am so allergic to racisim. I get rashes." Another
beleives talks between reps and humans should be more often to
understand a good reps point of veiw. To understand each species. (and
get piled on with hugs lol) So please anyone who seeks to come together
in acual coexistance please do so. Because this galactic exclusion and
racisim must stop. Now I do not beleive that things will be pure in
perfect in the future, (thats just me) BUT things could be so much
better if alot acualy speak to toehr races despite how their mindset is
and how they act (unless you are attacked) Icke fans say the only good
reptilian is a dead one made into boots. How wrong is that? Yes i
remain there to fight and don't care how many are demanding proof of
what we are. (yes some think we can just shift at will and send some
vid and when i acualy tell them logicly why we say no they claim its a
lame excuse) so because we don't want to kiss their ass and do what
they say we are rejected even more. So if there is division please stop
because even us reps are affected.
(hugs to all!!!)


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